10 Best Credit Cards For Salaried Person In India| Annual Fee, Reviews & Analysis

10 Best Credit Cards For Salaried Person In India

As we all know the credit limit of the card is basically depends upon the financial history and credit worth rating of individual. We have scrutinized 10 best credit cards for salaried person in India which highly preferred due to their interest rates, exciting offers, benefits, annual fee etc.

While, choosing a perfect and appropriate credit card is a cumbersome task but it matters a lot. To make your work much easier, we have mentioned its significant details about annual fee, reviews & analysis of each throughout this page. It’s true that each banking firm offers it’s distinguished from of credit card that is based on the so many factors like discounts, savings and many other things.

 Therefore, salaried individual get more confused to choose a good card which has its own specifications and benefits. But before owning any credit card, one should be sure that it has the features to meet your all needs and requirements on the basis of your income capacity.

10 Best Credit Cards For Salaried Person In India

  1. HDFC bank credit card (Teachers credit Card)

On The topmost position lies is HDFC bank credit card which is also known by the name of teacher’s credit card. Through this, teachers can easily earn rewards points of 500 on every teacher day. Moreover, it will be useful for different purposes like travelling, shopping etc. the main and great benefit of this from of card is that buyer will get fuel surcharge waiver on its expenses.

  1. Citibank Rewards Credit Card

Next highly popularized and one of the best credit card suited for salaried people is Citibank rewards which comes along with no joining and annual fee charges. The buyers can get five times rewards points for multiple options including shopping , travelling, tickets booking, online shopping discount etc. However, the Citibank charged 3.25 % of interest on the spending done. The annual fee of Rs1000 is rejected on spending of Rs 30,000.

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  1. Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card

Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card is highly popularized credit card which is issue by the axis bank. Keeping in consideration to meet the requirements and needs of consumers, the bank is offering best services to the consumers. It is basically suited for those salaried people who have main needs of lifestyle. On every send of 100 Rs, the consumer will earn two reward points.

  1. ICICI HPCL Coral Credit Card

This type of card comes along with multiple benefits and privileges, the main motive is to assist the customers in minimize the rising fuel prices. When you buy for this Card, there are likely chances to earn great points which can be further used for availing the deals of gifts, offers and vouchers. On each 100 Rs spending, the consumer will get two reward points. If you spend more than 50000 Rs, then annual fee will get rejected.

  1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is next suitable credit Card which is especially made for the salaried individual. The annual charges are Rs 999, but if the fee paid on the card went above Rs 60,000, then the entire fee amount is waived off. For every spending of Rs 150, the credit card users are obtaining five rewards points.

  1. Citibank Corporate Card

Next outstanding credit Card is Citibank which is basically designed for the executives of the organization only. The employees can make the full utilization of card as per their management needs. On each spending; the consumers will get some exciting saving deals and rewards points earning. The buyer will have the choice to save about 55 % on various kinds of products and offers including travelling, shopping, hotels etc.

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  1. ICICI Instant Platinum Card

ICICI Instant Platinum Card is a perfectly made for those who have joined the employment newly. It is a wonderful option as it doesn’t require any credit history of the individual. It is issued adjacent to the saving account fixed deposits with the firm. However, the credit limitation is fixed as per the fixed deposit value. No annual fee is being offered to the cardholders instead they will earn three points of rewards for each spending of 100 Rs.

  1. State Bank Of India Yatra Credit Card

State Bank Of India Yatra Credit Card is a perfect choice for those people who love to explore different places and like to travel. This card is specially designed for the purpose of travelling, through which you can get exciting deals on shopping, holidays, travelling reason. It is one of the highly preferred card by salaried individual trough which they can attain the advantages of special offers and discounts. Like if you are booking for 750 Rs, and then you will get advantage of one voucher.

  1. HDFC Doctor Superior Credit Card

Next on the list is HDFC doctor superior card which can be obtained by the professionals coming under practicing doctor’s category. On every spending of Rs 150, the cardholder will get 1000 reward Points as welcome voucher and after that five times of rewards prescribed will be offered to the individual.

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  1. Citibank Titanium Credit Card

On the last position is Citibank titanium credit card which comprises of brilliant welcome offers and discounts to its cardholders. The buyer can have the multiple rewards points at well known shopping outlets, parking facilities, health and wellness packages and many more. On every 100 rupees spending, the consumer will get seven first citizen points.

We hope that you will get relevant information regarding 10 best credit cards for salaried person in India. For interesting information like this, stay tuned with our web portal.

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