Calicut University Helpline Contact Number | Student Information Centre No

Calicut University Helpline Contact Number

Calicut University is an affiliating university and also offers various distance education programs to the students. With the help of Calicut University Helpline Contact Number you can approach entire information related to courses, admission fee, admission process and others.

This university with more than 300 affiliated colleges also offers numerous vocational and professional courses. Students who want to apply for distance learning courses through online application forms or acquire details of course structure and study material are sent to the students by the university can dial Calicut University Student Information Centre No also.

While you can be connected with the staff or officers of the university via Calicut University Email or directly visit to the Calicut University Address also. So why are you still waiting? Go ahead and check the entire details of Calicut University Helpline Contact Number, presented on this page of for the comfort of the visitors!!

Calicut University Helpline Contact Number

Calicut University Helpline Contact Number

  • 155300 (BSNL Landline)
  • 0471 155300 (BSNL Mobile)
  • 0471 2115054 (Other Mobile Service)
  • 0471 2115098  (Other Mobile Services)

Calicut University Enquiry Number: 0494 – 2407227, 0494 – 2400816

Calicut University Helpline Contact Number for technical issue: 0494 – 2407204, 0494 – 2407485

Calicut University Helpline Contact Number of School of distance education: 0494-2400288, 0494-2407356, 0494-2407452

Calicut University Student Information Centre No: 0494-2407152, 0494-2407540, 0494-2407016

Calicut University SMS Complaint Number: 9447649200

Calicut University Address: University Of Calicut, Malappuram (District), PIN 673 635 Calicut University PO, Kerala, India

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Calicut University Helpline Contact Number

Ad BlockContact NumberPareeksha BhavanContact Number
Vice Chancellor0494-240-7102Controller of Examinations0494-240-7200
P.S to Vice Chancellor0494-240-7150Controller of Examinations – PA0494-240-7202
Pro-Vice-Chancellor0494-240-7103Controller of Exams Section0494-240-7239
Registrar0494-240-7104Exam Chaque – EC Q0494-240-7231
Recruitment Section0494-240-7106Joint Controller of Exams – I0494-240-7315
Legal Cell0494-240-7105EX-I Dy. Registrar0494-240-7207
Asst. Registrar (Admn.)0494-240-7108EX 10494-240-7218
Dy. Registrar (Admn.)0494-240-7107EX 2 & 40494-240-7226
Administration (Section)0494-240-7142EX 30494-240-7219
Joint Registrar (Pl.D)0494-240-7109B.Com – Joint Controller of Exams-III0494-240-7210
UGC (Special Cell)0494-240-7112B.Com Asst. Registrar XII0494-240-7213
Planning & Development (Section)0494-240-7110B.Com Asst. Registrar XIII0494-240-7283
Asst. Registrar (Pl.D)0494-240-7111B.Com Asst. Registrar XIII0494-240-7282
Finance Officer0494-240-7123B.Com DR VII0494-240-7284
Finance (Audit)0494-240-7114B.Com EC I, ECI A0494-240-7211
Finance (Dy Registrar)0494-240-7133B.Com EC II0494-240-7269
Finance (Section)0494-240-7125B.Com EC III, EC IV0494-240-7272
Finance (Computer)0494-240-7127B.Com EC IX, EC X0494-240-7275
Joint Registrar (Finance)0494-240-7116B.Com EC V, EC VI0494-240-7273
Asst. Registrar (Cheque)0494-240-7115B.Com EC VII, EC VIII0494-240-7274
Exam Account’s(AD)0494-240-7209B.Com EC XI, EC XII0494-240-7276
General & Academic II AR I& II0494-240-7124B.Com EC XIII, EC XIV0494-240-7277
General & Academic I AR I&II0494-240-7121B.Com EC XIX, EC XX0494-240-7294
GA I&IV Joint Registrar0494-240-7119B.Com EC XV, EC XVI0494-240-7280
GA (Section)0494-240-7126B.Com EC XVII, ECXVIII0494-240-7293
GAII&III Dy. Registrar0494-240-7122B.Sc Joint Controller of Exams-IV0494-240-7214
GA III (Section)0494-240-7136B.Sc Asst. Registrar XI0494-240-7431
Security Officer0494-240-7100B.Sc. Asst. Registrar X0494-240-7291
AD (Store)0494-240-7132B.Sc. ES I, ES II0494-240-7249
Election0494-240-7131B.Sc. ES IX, ESX0494-240-7296
CDC Office0494-240-7128B.Sc. ES V, ES XI0494-240-7298
CDC Director0494-240-7138B.Sc. ES VII, ES VIII0494-240-7297
Purchase Branch0494-240-7130B.Sc. ES XI, ES XII0494-240-7295
Government Audit Section0494-240-7117B.Sc. ES IV0494-240-7299
B.Tech Joint Controller of Exams–VI0494-240-7234EDP – I, EDP – II0494-240-7488
B.Tech Asst. Registrar III0494-240-7217EDP – IV, EDP – III0494-240-7487
B.Tech Asst. Registrar V0494-240-7478EPR Joint Controller of Exams – VII0494-240-7216
B.Tech EE – I, EE – II0494-240-7471EPR AR0494-240-7467
B.Tech EE – III0494-240-7472EPR AR XVII0494-240-7240
B.Tech EE IX0494-240-7483EPR III0494-240-7465
B.Tech EE V0494-240-7479EPR III, EPR V0494-240-7466
B.Tech EE VI0494-240-7481EPR IX0494-240-7473
B.Tech EE VII0494-240-7473EPR VI, EPR VII0494-240-7464
B.Tech EE VIII0494-240-7482Ground Floor Security0494-240-7220
BA Joint Controller of Exams-II0494-240-7223Hologram0494-240-7241
BA Asst. Registrar VII0494-240-7224Monitoring Dy. Registrar0494-240-7205
BA Asst. Registrar VIII0494-240-7436Monitoring AR XVI0494-240-7268
BA Dy. Registrar-V0494-240-7225Montoring R.V0494-240-7228
BA EA – I, ERD II Migration0494-240-7462PG Joint Controller of Examinations-V0494-240-7206
BA EA IX, EAX0494-240-7437PG AR II0494-240-7492
BA EA –V, EA XXII0494-240-7459PG AR III0494-240-7493
BA EA –VI, EA XXIII0494-240-7458PG II0494-240-7491
BA EA VII, EA VIII0494-240-7442PG III, PG VII0494-240-7490
BA EA XII, EAXI0494-240-7438PG VI0494-240-7475
BA EA XIII, EAXIX0494-240-7437PG VIII, PG IX0494-240-7489
BA EA XIX, EA XX0494-240-7433PGI0494-240-7477
BA EA XV, EA XVI0494-240-7435PGIV, PG V0494-240-7476
BA EA XVII, EA XVIII0494-240-7434Pre-Degree EPG – I0494-240-7265
BA EA-III, EA IIA0494-240-7229Speed Post0494-240-7235
BA EAIV, EA XXI0494-240-7460Tapal Pool Officer III0494-240-7222
BA Section0494-240-7449Tapal Pool Officer IV0494-240-7243
BA EOT I &II0494-240-7457Time Table Section EG I0494-240-7217
Despatch Pool Officer II0494-240-7221Tagore Nikethan Chalan Counter0494-240-7233
Despatch Section0494-240-7261Tagore Nikethan Front Office0494-240-7227
Digital Wing – I0494-240-7204Tagore Nikethan Lakshadweep Cell0494-240-7563
Digital Wing – II0494-240-7484Tagore Nikethan P.R.O0494-240-7230
Digital Wing – III0494-240-7486I.Q.A.C – Asst. Registrar0494-240-7152
Academic Staff College Director0494-240-7350D.S.U (Cyber spot)0494-240-7349
Academic Staff College Office0494-240-7351E.M.M.R.C0494-240-7279
Adult Education HOD0494-240-7335Education Dept HoD0494-240-7510
Adult Education Office0494-240-7360Education Dept Library0494-240-7507
Arabic Dept HoD0494-240-7394Education Dept Office0494-240-7251
Arabic Dept Library0494-240-7395Engg Dept-AXE(Water Supply)0494-240-7301
Arabic Dept Office0494-240-7254Engineering Dept – AXE(Civil)0494-240-7304
Art and Photography0494-240-7411Engineering Dept – AXE(Civil)0494-240-7305
B.Ed Utech (Education Dept)0494-240-7270Engineering Dept – AXE(Electrical)0494-240-7308
Bio-Technology Dept HoD0494-240-7403Engineering Dept – DB(Engg)0494-240-7309
Bio-Technology Dept Library0494-240-7423Engineering Dept – EXE(Civil)0494-240-7320
Bio-Technology Dept Office0494-240-7404Engineering Dept – EXE(Electrical)0494-240-7306
Book House(Cyber spot)0494-240-7281Engineering Dept – Office(UE)0494-240-7303
Botany Dept HoD0494-240-7407Engineering Dept – Section0494-240-7307
Botany Dept Library0494-240-7427Engineering Dept UE0494-240-7300
Botany Dept Office0494-240-7406English Dept HoD0494-240-7397
C.P.E0494-240-7547English Dept Library0494-240-7377
Centre for Health Science Office0494-240-7346English Dept Office0494-240-7259
Chemistry Department HoD0494-240-7414Folklore Dept HoD0494-240-7514
Chemistry Department Library0494-240-7424Folklore Dept Library0494-240-7558
Chemistry Department Office0494-240-7413Folklore Dept Office0494-240-7257
CHMK Library Acquisition0494-240-7379Guest House Counter0494-240-7311
CHMK Library Circulation0494-240-7285Guest House Office Manager0494-240-7310
CHMK Library Deputy Librarian0494-240-7288Health Centre Doctor0494-240-7321
CHMK Library I.C.T0494-240-7289Health Centre Office0494-240-7320
CHMK Library Infonet0494-240-7383Hindi Dept HoD0494-240-7392
CHMK Library Librarian0494-240-7290Hindi Dept Library0494-240-7393
CHMK Library Office0494-240-7287Hindi Dept Office0494-240-7252
CHMK Library Periodicals0494-240-7516History Dept HoD0494-240-7376
CHMK Library Reference0494-240-7278History Dept Library0494-240-7260
CHMK Library Stack0494-240-7517History Dept Office0494-240-7256
CHMK Library Technical0494-240-7382Ladies Hostel Annex I0494-240-7549
Computer Science Dept HoD0494-240-7417Ladies Hostel Annex II0494-240-7515
Computer Science Dept Office0494-240-7422Ladies Hostel Office0494-240-7548
Dean students0494-240-7353Ladies Hostel Security0494-240-7520
Dean students Students Union0494-240-7352Ladies Hostel Warden0494-240-7519
Library Science Dept HoD0494-240-7380Russian Dept HoD0494-240-7390
Library Science Dept Library0494-240-7381Russian Dept Library0494-240-7391
Library Science Dept Office0494-240-7286Russian Dept Office0494-240-7250
Life Science Dept HoD0494-240-7409Sanskrit Dept HoD0494-240-7398
Life Science Dept Library0494-240-7408Sanskrit Dept Library0494-240-7399
Life Science Dept Office0494-240-7410Sanskrit Dept Office0494-240-7258
Malayalam Dept HoD0494-240-7396School of Distance Edn Director0494-240-7355
Malayalam Dept Library0494-240-7253School of Distance Edn DR0494-240-7357
Malayalam Dept Office0494-240-7255School of Distance Edn Enquiry0494-240-7356
Mass Commun Dept Library0494-240-7386School of Distance Edn Section0494-240-7354
Mass Commun Dept Office0494-240-7361School of Distance Edn Tapal0494-240-7371
Mass Commun. Dept HoD0494-240-7385School of Health Science AR0494-240-7337
Mathematics Dept HoD0494-240-7418School of Health Science HoD0494-240-7336
Men’s Hostel Warden0494-240-7348School of Health Science Office0494-240-7345
N.S.S. Co-ordinator0494-240-7375Security Officer0494-240-7444
N.S.S. Office0494-240-7362Seminar Complex Office0494-240-7316
Nano Science Dept HoD0494-240-7373Senate House0494-240-7500
Nano Science Dept Office0494-240-7374Statistics Department HoD0494-240-7340
Observatory0494-240-7425Statistics Department Office0494-240-7341
Philosophy Dept Office0494-240-7359USIC – Instrumentation Engineer0494-240-7505
Physical Edn. Director (DPE)0494-240-7551USIC – Junior Engineer0494-240-7402
Physical Edn. Office (DPE)0494-240-7501USIC – Technicians0494-240-7400
Physics Department HoD0494-240-7416USIC Office(USIC)0494-240-7401
Physics Department Office0494-240-7415Water Treatment plant0494-240-7317
Political Science Dept HoD0494-240-7387Women’s Studies HoD0494-240-7366
Political Science Dept Library0494-240-7389Working Women’s Hostel0494-240-7546
Political Science Dept Office0494-240-7388Zoology Department HoD0494-240-7420
Press Spdt0494-240-7318Zoology Department Office0494-240-7419
Press Time house0494-240-7319
Psychology Dept HoD0494-240-7518
Psychology Dept Office0494-240-7358
Publication – Publication Officer0494-240-7129

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Calicut University is an affiliating university which was established in the year 1968 with a vision to develop and impart quality education to the students. This university is one of the leading educational hubs in southern India, over a period of time. Due to the high quality education and latest amenities students from all over the world come here to study.

It has various departments such as arts, science, commerce, management and engineering. It provides central facilities including technologically equipped library, cyber centre, faculty club, hospitals and placement cell. It offers part time and evening courses to the working students.

This university was ranked 19 in India, 17 in South India and ranked as the 26th best university of India. If you still want to get more information related to Calicut University Helpline Contact Number, Calicut University Student Information Centre No, Calicut University Email, Calicut University Address, Calicut University Contact Number, Calicut University Enquiry Number, Calicut University Phone Number and others then be connected with our page or you can directly visit to the Official Website.

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