Common DTH Problems with Solutions | Signal/Supply Issues Best Solution

Common DTH Problems with Solutions

Common DTH Problems with Solutions are provided here for the subscribers of DTH service. DTH or direct to home service is a service which helps us to take pleasure of TV channel coverage and broadcast on Television through transmission of satellite. Whether you are new user or planning to buy DTH service, first thing you must know which can bother you. There are some Common DTH Problems like Signal/Supply Issues and others that can affect your entertainment of DTH users. There are some common solutions as well of your worries.

If you are also facing some common problems like poor signal reception, set top box turning irresponsive, absence of demand menu and DVR recording problems, Best Solution of Common DTH Problems is to refresh and reload your set top box by resetting it. Sometimes, due to Bad Signals your DTH service may not be very clear or may stop also and you will be unable to watch the TV coverage properly. So check the below mentioned DTH Signal Problems as well as their solutions, presented by our team members of

Common DTH Problems with Solutions

Sometime it’s not mandatory to call the DTH Service Provider for each issue, you may solve it yourself also. If you are facing Common DTH Problems, you need to check signal strength through menu first, find set up or installation (the term will different in some set top boxes). Subscribers, if you have seen that any drop in signals, fix the same. If still you will not get proper channels or else, call the help for experts. Here are some more Common DTH Problems with Solutions provided for the comfort of the subscribers, so let’s have a look please!!!!

  1. DTH Signal Problem Due To Bad Weather:

DTH Signal Problems due to bad weather is one of major problems facing by the DTH Service Subscribers. Sometimes a blazing wind or little rain can spoil your program or entertainment and your DTH may not be upto mark, hence the coverage or broadcast on your television set may be faulty.


You are advised to install DTH Connection or you can get KU band transmission service rather than a C band transmission to avoid this problem. C band transmission has a dish of a large size which affects badly and usually not spread out. However with a C band transmission dish, your dish can’t receive accurate signals.

  1. Get Good Transponders Installed:

Sometimes due to bad reception and some include wire disturbances, wrong choice of transponder etc., your DTH service is not working as well.


To remove these Common DTH Problems, you are advised make sure that the transponder gets maximum signals while the installation process. DTH service has several transponders through which you get the channels on your TV. During installation, the signal strength of the transponders is required to check properly.

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  1. Other Ways to Get Better Signals:

Sometimes connection problem, high quality cable and LNB device etc problems can spoil your entertainment and make you angry. To rectify this problem, you need to check the solution.


You need to check that there are no joints between connection cables, use only high quality cables for DTH connections and use good quality LNB device. These are Solution of Common DTH Problems, But ofcourse, professional help is always available and can be reached for easily. If you want DTH installation or any other DTH related service, contact Mr. Right.

Best Solution of Common DTH Problems

There are Common DTH Problems which are well provided above apart from that you may face the following also. If you are not able to understand Common DTH Problems with Solutions after your efforts, then you can call these given numbers. Apart from this, we also provided some service details here, so what are you waiting for? Move your cursor downwards and get Common DTH Problems with Solutions!!

  • Unresponsive Set Top Box
  • Problem in DVR Recording
  • You can’t reach to the ‘On Demand’ option in the set top box menu.
  • Rain is Disturbing signals.
  • Poor signals
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Hope you are satisfied with our page of Common DTH Problems with Solutions and acquire Best Solution of your Signal/Supply Issues. You are advised to connect with our portal by pressing CTRL + D for more updates of Common DTH Problems with Solutions.

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