List Of Countries With Best And Worst Internet Connection Speed

Countries With Best And Worst Internet Connection Speed

Which country provides the most rapid Internet experience?  This question is quite conflicting but still we have researched on it to find out Countries with Best and Worst Internet Connection Speed. In the present scenario, Internet has become an essential necessity of life like food, clothing and shelter. Search engines like Google and many other bestow answer of every question whether it is related to education, sports, and politics, legal or international aspects. Digital Revolution has brought up by 4G data transmission network which rolled out at a rapid pace across the country. As per the reports, India is ranked 105th in the world when it comes to average Internet broadband speed.

Importance of Internet cannot be denied by any person of the world as number of surfers of internet is rising at a rapid face. We live in a synthetic world where technology is a major factor which has affected our life style. In the beginning stage, its speed was very low but with the passage of time, many telecom providers such as Reliance Jio has provided data at a huge speed which is beyond our estimations. Now, it’s the right time to put your eyes on the List of Countries with Best and Worst Internet Connection Speed.

Countries with Best and Worst Internet Connection Speed

Country Name Internet Speed


Hong Kong54.1 Mbps
South Korea48.8 Mbps
Japan42.2 Mbps
Latnvia37.5 Mbps
Romania37.4 Mbps


Belgium32.7 Mbps
Switzerland32.4 Mbps
Bulgaria32.1 Mbps
Israel30.9 Mbps
Singapore30.9 Mbps
India27.7 Mbps

  1. Hong Kong

Considered as the house of foreign investors, it is one of the premier providers of High speed internet connection. As per the reports, Hong Kong is a leader in the world of technology. Customers enjoy services provided by it as we can see 54.1 mbps speed is offered by it. No other country can offer such high speed data connectivity.

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  1. South Korea

Subsequent to Hong Kong, another leader in the world of high speed data connectivity is none other than South Korea. It has maintained its status in the digital revolution. Current estimates show more than 45 million of persons are connected with its high speed internet connection. Besides this, even government has launched various schemes and programs to facilitate nation towards development. It offers 48.8mbps (mega bits per second) which is quite high speed in terms of connectivity.

  1. Japan

Japan is the premier Mobile Internet user in the world. It came into existence in 1996 and now it has become one of the leading countries to offer high speed data connectivity. With the passage of time, it has catered huge segment in the market. Now, it is one of the leading high speed broadband internet providers. Despite of all these facts, 5 G services are also just introduced in Japan.

  1. Latnvia

This is a country which has used competitive strategies to occupy leading position in the world of high speed internet provider. As per the reports, it has made astounding growth in internet in 1999. Around 2.4 million people are connected with its high speed internet connections. Its speed is never less than 37.5 Megabits Per second, which reflects its growth. Even government has launched various schemes and campaigns to make every country connected with Internet so as to improve standard of living.

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  1. Romania

Even with the continuous decrease in its speed, it has become successful in serving more than 15 million persons around the globe. Any one may enjoy data services so as to download anything or to shop online. As per the available data, average speed of connections in Romania is 37.4 megabits per second which is still finest. As compare to other cities of Europe, Romania has maintained high speed internet connectivity.

  1. Belgium

Up to 32.7 Megabits per second speed is provided by this country. Everyone is familiar with its high quality services. You may surf topics as per your choice with such a speed of Internet. Many crimes are committed on internet and no action is taken up by the government regarding the same. Around 8.6 million users are connected with it.

  1. Switzerland

Being one of the richest countries, its high speed connectivity services are enjoyed by millions of customers. Subscribers get connected with its mobile broadband connections. This facility basically dependent on the type of offer selected. So, it became successful in offering more than 32.4 Megabits per second of broadband speed.

  1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a source of attraction in terms of data connectivity options. Along with this, it is also known for cheapest labor. Foreigners also finds attractive to make investments in this country. With the set up of TCP/IP connection in 1992, many new customers finds convenient to enjoy its services. As compare to other cities, it offers high speed internet connectivity. With 32.1 Megabits per sec speed, one may use it for personal or official use.

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  1. Israel

Widely known as richest country in terms of Literacy rate is none other than Israel. Within some decade of time period, its technology is development expands at a wide pace. Besides this, it has maintained record in making nuclear weapons which are used for defensive purpose. Since 1990s, it is known for offering high speed Internet connectivity. It offers easy access to Internet to millions of customers. As per records, it bestows about 30.9 mbps speed connectivity.

  1. Singapore

Last but not the least, Singapore also offers data connectivity to its users. Around 11,512,900 subscribers enjoy internet connection services bestowed by it. Not only in this field but it has shown continuous growth in Industrial sector too. Its GDP or income per capita in economy is also rising day by day. Internet connectivity is enjoyed by huge number of customers in this country. So, it offers more than 30.9 megabits per second speed connectivity to its users.

  1. India

India is among the slowest average Internet connections. As per the available reports, its broadband speed is near about 27.7 Mbps. With the invention of 4G data transmission network, many giant telecom providers such as Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Idea has covered huge segment of market. Around 30 percent of the connections in India are above 4 Mbps which is still not sky-scraping.

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Hope, you get all the details concerning List of Countries with Best and Worst Internet Connection Speed. For getting more updated information, stay tuned with us.

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