Court Marriage Procedure In India| Rules, Application Form, Registration Fee

Court Marriage Procedure In India

In India court marriage has been given wide importance and it is wonderful choice for the people who want to have simple marriage. We have mentioned Court Marriage Procedure In India below by following which you can easily choose this form.

If you are also planning to get admired with some other community background person or inter cast marriage, then must choose this kind of marriage. However, it is slightly more difficult than any other type of marriage.

 It is basically celebrate under special marriage act of 1954. The most important thing is that its documents differ from other traditional Indian weddings. Although, this is the most simple and short marriage proceedings as compared to any other forms.

To obtain the attestation of marriage, there is only need for the couple to straightforwardly apply for the marriage. Well, we must tell you that under this; even an Indian can also perform marriage with a foreigner. You can have a look below provide rules, registration fee and application form.

Court Marriage Procedure In India

  1. Filing Notice of Intended Marriage

First step is to file the marriage notice to other person. The notice which is filled by both the partners will comprises of all their personal information like DOB, name, address, place of birth along with two passport size photographs of each.

  1. Notice publication

After that the notice will be defined on the office board for at least 1 month of register notice board. But during that time, if you feel like asking queries, then you may ask hassle free and can easily file your complaint a swell. But the main thing is that person should be having a solid proof. In case there is no objection raised, then marriage can be solemnized within 90 days.

  1. Marriage solemnization

On the prescribed date, both the person has to be present at the register offices. Both the couple must come along with four main witnesses along with identification proof and valid cards to sign on the form of application.

  1. Marriage Certificate

Okay now the turn has come when all legal proceeding has been done an you will be getting your marriage attestation. Exchange your ring with your partner and enjoy your married life. Once all the things have been done successfully, the couples are required to collect the attestations within 7 days.

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Eligibility for court marriage

To be eligible for the court marriage, there are some rules and conditions that has to be followed by the couple, some of them are listed below-

  • Neither of the partner should have a wife/husband during the marriage time period.
  • The person should not be f unsound mind or minor.
  • While giving consent to the partner, he/she must be in state of sound mind order.
  • The individual’s must not be suffering from any kind of mental disorder or diseases like insanity.
  • Female must not be less than 18 years of age and groom must not be more than 21 years.
  • Both the person should not be having illegal.

What are the necessary documents required for Court Marriage?

  • Fulfilled application from along with the prescribed fee and format.
  • Bride and groom Passport size Photos
  • The parties must be having residential proof.
  • DOB of both the persons
  • Address Proof and PAN Card of all 3 witnesses
  • If any of the people is having prior marriage history, then death certificate is required.

Court Marriage Procedure in India has been described above. We hope that all this relevant details are enough to make you understand. Stay tuned with our web portal for interesting information like this.

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