Sample Letter For Disputing Credit Card | Sample Letter To Bank For Lost ATM Card

Sample Letter For Disputing Credit Card

There can be various reasons that impose people to prepare credit card dispute letter. But there is a proper way to prepare it, we have presented sample letter for disputing credit card that will defiantly going to help you in preparing your own letter to bank for lost ATM card.

It has always been said that dispute letter always should be written in writing format. Sometimes, the credit card of the person shows up the charge for dispute that you have not authorized before. But it might be possible that any other person might have stolen your credit card or might have swipe it for twice.

Therefore, you just need to write a card dispute letter. Well, any of them can be the reason for creating a letter but knowing the perfect way and format for writing a good letter is must which will helps to make easy for removing errors from the credit background of the holder and also secure the rating for credit for future usage as well.

However, it is very significant to know that there can be various errors for disputes including mathematical errors, unofficial charges,  unsuccessful payment credit, charged for two times for single product or due to wrong date.

Sample Letter for Disputing Credit Card

Sample Letter To Bank for Lost ATM Card

Name of consumer
Address of consumer
City, State, pin Code


Name of Dispute Department (Billing Inquiries)
Credit Card firm
Street Address or P.O. Box
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Credit Card Company,

I am writing to quarrel an authorized charge on my DATE statement. I have confined a copy of my DATE statement and marked the charged of dispute, the reason to have argument for the illegal charge is that I have been owed two times for same thing. In order to support my dispute, I had also confined the evidence photocopies.

As per the fair credit billing act, a request had been made to remove the statement of authorized charge and to mail the legal statement.

Thank you for your concern.


Consumer’s Signature
Consumer’s Printed Name
List of Enclosures

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Credit Card Dispute Time Limit

However, the time duration for the credit card firm notification for the unauthorized charge is 60 days. The firm has to solve the argument within 3 months subsequent to receiving of consumer letter. The most important thing is that it should be sent to the prescribed department like billing enquiries department.

 People can directly contact the credit card corporation for the correction in address. If the argument resolves in support of credit Card consumer, then all the illegal charges and errors should be removed. The significant thing is that it must be sent through a certified mail in from of a proof. The customer should accumulate the original documents for future proof or usage.

We hope that above provided Sample Letter for Disputing Credit Card will defiantly assist you in preparing your own letter of dispute. Stay connected with our web portal for more information.

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