Speed Post Vs Courier | Difference, Which Is Faster And More Reliable

Speed Post Vs Courier

Well if you are thinking about speed post and courier service, which one is better? Then you are at the right page. Here we will study some views on speed post vs. courier. In majority of town / cities, it had been seen that speed post is much reliable and faster than courier services. The letters or consignment deliver through speed post take 1-7 days and by courier it takes 10 days approximately. From the recent report by comptroller and auditor general, it had be stated that sped post is far better than courier as per the survey results in private regions. For full explanation about its difference, scold won the page.

Speed Post Vs Courier

Earlier, the only method to connect with other people was through letters which took a long time to reach on its destinations. But then postal services came into operation making life easier, through which the delivery of letters become much easier via posts.

Earlier, we were not having these technological instruments like mobile and internet to connect with our dear and near ones but since these came into operations, posting letters get much decreased. Despite of all such things, there are many people who still rely upon courier and speed posts services to send their essential credentials, broachers, parcels etc to other destinations.

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But in courier services also, people have to wait for long to receive their parcels but with the introduction of speed post, this task has become much easier. It ensures quick and speedy delivery of all items in just few days only.

Difference, Which Is Faster and More Reliable?

Speed post: It is a courier postal service which is offered by the department of post. It ensures timely delivery of essential documents and parcels across the globe. It has multiple benefits including money and times saving, good network range, guarantee of on time delivery, security and safety of parcels.

Courier: It is also a consignment or courier delivery service that is provided by the courier tracking companies. There is quick and speedy delivery of mails, parcels, safety and security of products. The most significant thing that these firms offer 24/7 hours services to its clients. Here are few admirable firms namely DHL, blue dart, first flight etc.

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However, the study signifies that if we do the comparison with speed post every corporation including blue dart or nay other. Then defiantly, it will always lead in this race because speed post services are accessible to every individual in almost every part of the country.

 For checking the quality as well as performance of speed post services, an exam was also conducted in 8 postal areas by CAG. And the results were absolutely amazing, ad it was stated that it is much better than couriers services in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Well, this is all about speed post vs. courier. For more interesting facts and information, stay in touch with our web portal.

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