4 Things You Need to Know about Samsung Pay App, Is it Safe, How to Use?

4 Things You Need to Know about Samsung Pay App

4 Things You Need to Know about Samsung Pay AppContributing to Digital India Drive, Samsung has launched a better way to pay digitally that is- Samsung Pay. But before using it there are 4 Things You Need to Know about Samsung Pay App. Now you don’t need to roam everywhere holding your cards in your wallet. You may be thinking that- Is it Safe? And How to Use the Samsung Pay, so, here we have brought to you the answers of these questions. Let’s begin with that…

Samsung Pay app is recently introduced by Samsung.It is the newly introduced and a better way to pay. Samsung Pay is accepted at more places than any other mobile payment service out there, from the grocery store to the coffee shop to your favorite department store. It is secure, easy to set up and simple to use with any latest Samsung galaxy device Now, it is become more easy for Samsung galaxy device users to pay anywhere at anytime instead of wallet users.

4 Things You Need to Know about Samsung Pay App

How much Samsung pay secure is…

For secure your information from other users, Samsung brings new methods as tokenization and authentication. Samsung pay also secure your biological data, it makes users enable to conform Samsung pay account by scan your fingerprint or input secured pin number. For more and advance security of Samsung pay, Samsung launch Samsung KNOX service, in which by activating this service continuously detect your device from doubtful activity and protect from any harmful attacks.

#1 Safe & Secure

Samsung provide 3 levels of security for secure your account these are Finger Authentication, Digital Tokenization and Samsung KNOX.

  • Finger authentication

It allows the user to scan your fingerprint on the screen or entering your Samsung Pay PIN. This is easy way to secure and pay without any worry.

  • Digital Tokenization

Digital tokenization is a technique to secure your sensitive information like your card number, your expiration date, security code etc. from others. When you pay your payment by Samsung pay then your all transaction will randomly change as a token. This way, you’re all information remains safe and real card information will not appear. This is a advance technique to secure your Samsung pay.

  • Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX brings a new globalization for secure Samsung pay. Activating this                                                                             service, Samsung KNOX continuously detects all the activities operate in Samsung device.  Card information still safe even if Samsung device is operate by any other hand. If any harmful activity takes place in device then it will be monitored by Samsung KNOX.

#2 You Will Love Its Easiest Way

Searching our credit card or debit card in wallet for pay, Samsung pay app can use as an alternative. Samsung pay app is convenience to use by just follow 3 easy steps.

  • Swipe Up

To use Samsung pay, user simply swipe from the bottom bezel of the phone. It works from the home screen and, in a clever twist, when the phone’s screen is off. A credit card pops up and you unlock it with your fingerprint if fingerprint security is apply.

  • Authenticate

Now, by putting your finger on screen, make sure your fingerprint or input pin number, this way your authentication process will be completed.

  • Pay

Now, user is able to pay anywhere and at anytime. Just input payment amount in your Samsung device and your payment will be done by Samsung pay.

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 #3 Use It Everywhere

Samsung galaxy device user can use Samsung pay everywhere at any time by install Samsung pay app. Samsung Pay works almost everywhere you can swipe or tap your card, making shopping or dining easier and more convenient than ever.


NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC makes user able to pay by Samsung pay. If NFC signals are near to payment terminals then payment can make suitably.  NFC and MST, both are wireless payment service. NFC is also used for apple devices and android devices but Samsung pay also provides MST service. This is very easy for users to make payment through NFC.

Just tap your phone to the payment terminal and authenticate by touch the fingerprint scanner on your phone screen and you will be done. Now, user is actually is able to pay for his expenses. Sometimes, problem is occur while making pay due to NFC signals range with all swipe-based magnetic payment terminals. If you have Samsung device then you can pay your payment by Samsung pay instead swipe your credit card or debit card.


MST stands for Magnetic Secure Transmission. MST is launch by Samsung itself.  To pay by Samsung pay, user have to bring their Samsung device to payment terminal near about 5cm. Merchants can accept payments easily by MST on regular cards machines by which  Samsung pay app is easily accepted in digital  market by users and also makes market digital.

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#4 Easy To Start

First of all, you should have compatible Samsung device with the latest Android software. Now, you should have a supporting payment card from any participating bank. Cards can be either automatically registered by scanning your card with Samsung Pay or manually inputting the card information.

Then, depending on the policies set by your bank or credit union, Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through an email, SMS or a phone call. Now, create an Samsung account by follow some simple instructions. Input your true information. This way, your Samsung pay account will be ready. Now, for secure your account, register your fingerprint or Samsung Pay Pin number. Now, you are able to pay your payment through Samsung pay anywhere at anytime easily.

Finally, Samsung pay app makes life more easily for Samsung device user. They can easily pay anywhere at any anytime without thinking about searching wallet for credit and debit card. Just simple follow easy steps of Samsung pay for shopping, dinner, or any expenses. We all are sure that users will feel affection for Samsung pay.

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