How to Write an Email to Customer Care| Email Tips that will Work

How to Write an Email to Customer Care

For most of us Emails are generally shorter than letters. Mostly, emails are using in business communication. Email is a request to make a complaint regarding a product, service, person or any other instance which sent for the purpose of an adjustment. For example, if you had purchased a product and now the product is damaged, then you can freely complaint through sending an email to Customer service for compensation. But the question arise “How to Write an Email to Customer Care”? In this article, you will get some Email Tips which will work to sending an email. In a day, a person using email for business receives and sends over 100. Recently, through a study there are 64% people are sent or received an email. 

If you have any personal and official issue, you may send complaint email. The writing style of complaint email is differed and it depends on situation. Already the customer service of all companies is set an expert team to resolve the customers’ queries. Customer service team will be received your complaint email and solve your issue as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to write an email to customer care, have a look below:

How to Write an Email to Customer Care

Know Your Purpose

  • Before sending an email, you have a clear purpose:
  • When, you are starting to write an email, you should know that, why are you sending this mail? What do I need from the recipient?
  • If you don’t have any reason to send mail, you are suggested that don’t send this. If you are writing mail without any reason, you are wasting your time and the recipient’s time.
  • Before send an email, it’s good for you that is this email really necessary? If mail is absolutely necessary, it shows respect for the person you’re emailing.

Use a Descriptive Subject Line

  • After getting the reason to write an email, you should use a subject line every time when you are writing an email.
  • You are advised to avoid subject lines starting “Re:” be careful to avoid writing general subject lines, such as “Hello” or “Hi” as some email providers automatically delete these as spam.

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Introduce yourself in the first paragraph (if necessary)

  • If needed then provide your brief introduction in the very first paragraph of your email.
  • Also write that why are you writing & how you found the pportunity you are writing for or person’s email address, etc.
  • My name is “Your Name”. I’m send you this mail to apply for the administrative assistant position listed on “Organisation Name”.
  • My name is “Your Name”. I am writing about the “Reason why are you writing the mail” I received on December 31, 2009. I obtained your Email address from “where you got the person’s email address”.

Write Simple, Direct English

  • It is important to write the mail in a very simple language, so that the receiver can easily understand what the sender wants to say.
  • Here we are providing some ways to write English in siple way:
  • Sender should use active forms instead of passive forms
  • Do not use long sentences try to use short sentences, it helps the receiver to understand the message easily.
  • Idioms should not be used
  • Don’t use technical words, try to use only Common words.

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Don’t send heavy attachments.

Don’t send heavy attachments & send the attachment in zip format, or provide a web address where the reader can find details easily.

Be careful what you write in your email

Don’t write extra unused details in the mail. Only use those informantion which are necessary only, and use a neutral tone. Always remember that receiver could also forward your email to other people also, so write only those details what you would be happy for other people to read. (No personal comments, no gossip, no ambiguous English such as sarcastic humour and no confidential information.) Don’t use smilies and emoticons in business emails.

Use the correct form of leave-taking

  • This will depend on your level of intimacy with the recipient. Examples include:
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Yours cordially,
  • Respectfully,
  • Best,
  • Your student,

Sign with your Full Name.

If you don’t have a job title but you have your own website or blog related to the content of e-mail, include a link to the content of the e-mail. If you have a job title, then add it in the line after your name and also write the company name or website name after your name. If you are writing the e-mail about the job, include only career-related blog or website, not interests or hobbies.

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Proofread your Message for Content

After writing & Before sending the mail, you must make sure that you haven’t omitted any important information (or repeated yourself). And also read your mail once aloud or ask someone to proofread. It is the best way to get the mail is correct which was written by you.

Proofread your message for Spelling and Grammar.

If your email provider provides you the spelling and grammar checker option then you may write the email in the email box and if your email provider doesn’t provides you the spelling and grammar checker option then you should write the email content in word processer, and copy and paste it back in your email.

Through the above described procedure and steps, anyone can write a complaint email easily to customer service. When you are writing an email, you should be polite, concise and authoritative. The main things is that, write an email in clean and short format.

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